Partner for the Development of the Local Community

Who are we and what do we do

Institution Foundation BiT Planota works as a non-governmental organization and for non-governmental organizations. Founded as a local development foundation with the purpose of ensuring the development on the Banjšice and Trnovo Plateau through the execution of various projects expanded its area of operation to the whole area of the Development Region of Goriška.


Besides the team of employees in the professional services the volunteers are also integrated into the operations who additionally improve the results thus helping the recognisability of the organization. The financing of the work comes exclusively from European, national and other international tenders.


Mission and Values


Institution Foundation BiT Planota’s mission is to encourage the development of private nonprofitable organizations in the Development Region of Goriška by raising their competences, encouraging them to participate in the preparation of local politics, and to solve the local challenges together.

Institution Foundation BiT Planota’s values are transparency, collegiality, respect, responsibility and innovativeness. On the non-governmental sector’s level we strive to better the mutual knowledge, collaboration, help, effective identification of the needs and design of the demands of the sector in the region and in Slovenia.




Institution Foundation BiT Planota will become a recognisable development centre which will address the needs of private nonprofitable organizations and local environment in the Development Region of Goriška. We will help non-governmental organizations transition on a higher operational level by identifying their potential and by supporting them individually, so that they will become the pillars of social change in the region. We will become a financially stable organization with scattered financial sources. We will invest in the development of qualified personnel who will be able to recognize the needs of the NGOs and the local environment, and will mobilise different stakeholders to solve them.

cilji slika

Strategic Objectives

  • Increasing the performance of the Institution Foundation BiT Planota for the development of services for the NGO sector and for a larger local community.
  • Raising the qualifications of the employees and the volunteers in the NGOs for gaining assets from the local, national and international sources.
  • Encouraging joint salvation of the local challenges and fulfilling local needs between the NGOs and other stakeholders.
  • Strengthening further networking between the NGOs and the decision makers for the collaboration in the process of the decision making in the local and regional authorities.
  • Further development of services and measures for the youth’s active operation in the region.



Institution Foundation BiT Planota was founded in 2006 with the purpose of encouraging the development of the countryside on the Banjšice and Trnovo Plateau. Its status of operation is in the public interest in the non-governmental sector and civil society. It strives to develop the programmes and projects which integrate various stakeholders: local communities, NGOs, individuals and public institutes.



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